Shopping Terms Online Video Courses

Shopping Terms Online Video Courses

a) The purchase of online video courses, online video courses or online video courses with subscription, is valid for access to the screening of the courses for 365 days from the date of purchase. At the end of 365 days, access to the courses is automatically interrupted if there is no market renewal paying the amount applicable at that time.

b) The customer (and only he) acquires the right to view with the username and password given to him. It can monitor video lessons from any device it wishes (Pc – Laptop – Smartphone – Tablet – SmartTV) for the period of 365 days as many hours as it wishes.

c) With the purchase the customer has no right to withdraw and we refund the money, under the Law of the European Union on the sale of electronic courses.

d) Video courses, as well as the written notes accompanying them, are our property products and are protected by copyright law. Any attempt to take ownership or exploitation of video courses or notes by the customer, or by any third party, gives us the right to take any legal action against him, claiming lost profits.

Based on the above:
a) It is forbidden to attempt to store the video lessons by the customer on any electronic device. It is also forbidden to try to record video lessons in any other way.

b) It is forbidden to view the video lessons by the customer and to provide the notes to a third party or third parties.

c) It is forbidden by the customer the use of video lessons and notes for profit, either as a form of teaching or as a form of provision or sale.

The courts of Piraeus are responsible for each dispute.

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