Athens Bakery Seminar 13/10/2019

Athens Bakery Seminar 13/10/2019
Bakery seminars.

Athens-Sunday 13/10/2019 —————————————

1) How to prepare and bake, step by step, the ‘Pan di Spagna’- traditional sponge cake- and its secrets to get the best result ( recipe will be given ).

2) How to make pastry cream/patissiere (recipe to be provided) and alternative cake fillings recipes

3) How to make Chocolate Ganache Mousse ( recipe will be given ).

4) How to make syrup for keeping the cake moist and flavor tips (recipe will be given).

5) How to make Chocolate Ganache ( recipe will be given ).

6) How to make homemade fondant ( recipe will be given ).

7) How to cut your sponge cake into 5 equal layers.

8) How to build the cake using sponge cake soaked in syrup.

9) How to ganache the cake.

10) How to work with the fondant: kneading, rolling and covering the cake.

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