Our philosophy


Everyone can easily make cakes like ours.


What you really need is love for what you do and proper guidance.


Talent, if any, just helps to evolve somebody faster.

Our experience

9 years

Our school is located Alexandros Papanastasiou 102 Kastella Piraeus

We have been involved in the art of sugar since 2011 and have been maintaining our school in Athens since 2014.

Thousands of students have passed through our school, many of whom have a remarkable career in the field.

Several of them have managed to open their own wonderful shops, creating cakes for all tastes.

Apart from Greece (Athens - Thessaloniki), we have also done seminars in various parts of the world, Dubai - Bahrain - India - Brussels - Lebanon - Cyprus, always with great success.

Innovation & Originality



In this bakery seminar the cakes are chocolate sponge cake then drizzled with syrup and topped with mousse or pastry cream.

We are the first in Greece that we have managed to create our cakes externally with sugar paste and internally, with (chocolate sponge cake then drizzled with syrup and topped with mousse or pastry cream) and not just cake and buttercream, as are usually the cakes with sugar paste. 
And their exterior appearance to be with much better than cakes with buttercream, inside.
So we never lost the substance, which is:
“A cake with a perfect exterior appearance must also taste perfect inside.”
So the logic that sounds that cakes with sugar paste are only for their external appearance…. It was shot down in Greece a long time ago!!!



6 separate cakes that together create a Fun Park.The four of them are in motion, one is a gravity cake and the other one is a bust cake.

We always try for our cakes to we make our own original and special designs.
So we stand out, and we provoke the interest of the public, both in Greece and abroad.
We have created a number of original cakes such as:
Animated cakes with music & triple rotary motion – gravity cakes with motion – double and triple aerial cakes and many other impressive creations.
Some of these cakes you can be seen in the videos below.

International Recognition & Domestic Recognition

International Recognition

Cake & Bake Germany

Since 2016, some of the biggest exhibitions abroad are inviting us to present our techniques.
Expogato Marseille – France
Cake Internasional – Birmingham – England (We are the first Greek sugar artists to be in an exhibition theatre, to present our technique.
Cake & Bake Düsseldorf. (We presented our techniques as gentlemen guests on the main stage of the exhibition.
Israel – invited to present our techniques from a sugar paste company.

Domestic Recognition

Since 2016, we have found ourselves invited, only with a weapon our work and not as a paid advertisement, to some of the most popular shows on Greek television. The videos of the broadcasts you can be seen below. 
Namaste με την Ναταλία Γερμανού – EPSILON TV
Το Πρωινό μου με την Φαίη Σκορδά – ANT1 TV.
Κου Κου με τον Κρατερό Κατσούλη και την Κατερίνα Καραβάτου – STAR TV
Σαβατοκύριακο με τον Νίκο Μάνεση – ALPHA TV
Happy Day με την Σταματίνα Τσιμτσιλή – ALPHA TV

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